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Photo Booth - One separate 15 amps (110 volts) electricity required - Indoor and outdoor use - Supervision - Level surface - Weather restrictions - No Height/age requirement Coney Island style photo booth, take 4 photos, all on 1 strip. Just like in the mall, carnival & movie theatre

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Photo Button Table required; 15 amp electricity required Your photos on the ever popular photo button. We do it all in front of your guests. A very inexpensive take home gift for you and your guests.
Photo Key Chains 8 Foot table and Electricity Photo keychains are a great take home gift that you and your guests will use daily. This popular item is an inexpensive alternative to the other photo packages. We do everything on site.

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Funny Frames Small table, 10x10 area, electricity Printed on the spot! 6" x 8" cards for 4" x 6" photos. Many styles and frames to choose from. For all occasions. Funny Frames are an inexpensive way to get the most fun photographing your guests. Can also have larger frames 10" x 8" cards for 5" x 7" photos.